AH S’WEED – Various Edible Gummies


AH S’WEED – Various Edible Gummies

Buy AH S’WEED – Various Edible Gummies – These handcrafted gummies are made in small batches to ensure the highest quality and are infused with the finest concentrated THC distillate. Each package ranges from 180mg THC – 200mg THC. The 180mg THC package can be easily divided into 9 × 20mg THC pieces, whereas the 200mg THC package comes with 4 x 50mg THC pieces. Enjoy with responsibility!

• Blueberry Dream (180mg THC)
• Lemon Haze Soda (180mg THC)
• Bubba Peach Cream (180mg THC)
• Grape Soda (200mg THC)
• Cream Soda (200mg THC)
• Root Beer (200mg THC)
• Cola (200mg THC)
• Orange Crush (200mg THC)

• 9 × 20mg THC / Total 180mg THC
• 4 x 50mg THC / Total 200mg THC

Ingredients: Syrup, sugar, water, gelatin, cannabis extract, pectin, citric acid, malic acid, lecithin coconut oil, sunflower oil, flavor, colour.

Effects: Relaxing, Happy, Sleep-Inducing.

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Blueberry Dream (180mg THC), Lemon Haze Soda (180mg THC), Bubba Peach Cream (180mg THC), Grape Soda (200mg THC), Cream Soda (200mg THC), Root Beer (200mg THC), Cola (200mg THC)


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