Black Garlic


black garlic Created by crossing Blackberry Kush and Garlic Breath giving it the dense green buds caked in a heavy layer of trichomes that make the bud appear lighter in color than expected.


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Black Garlic is a indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain. It’s a fan favorite among people who are looking to unwind at the end of the day, and it’s quickly becoming one of our most beloved strains among indica enthusiasts.
Black Garlic is a stanky medium sized, slightly bushy plant that packs on plenty of weight in the final
weeks of flowering. Black Garlic is a breeding project involving Thug Pug Genetics’
Garlic Breath and our favorite Blackberry Kush. The taste is overpowering, distinct, and
as a fairing warning it might not be to everyone’s palate. We love Black Garlic’s hardy
flavors and aromas as much as we enjoy its fast flowering time. The ease of growth
makes it ideal for inexperienced growers while people who have a few seasons will be
able to dial it in for even better results. Black Garlic will double in size during
flowering, but a little low-stress-training during the veg phase will keep the plant from
overgrowing your personal space.
Black Garlic is a more mellow strain due to it’s indica-leaning heritage. If that sounds like your kind of experience, we recommend that you get your hands on some of these beautiful buds as soon as possible.

To make the kind of splash that it has in the Colorado cannabis community, Black Garlic relies on its superior genetics. Produced by Oni Seed Co, Black Garlic is a combination of GMO Cookies (also known as Garlic Cookies) and Sour Dubb .Both of these strains are impressive in their own rights, and their child gets some of the best genes from both sides. This is an absolute must-try cannabis strain if you’re always looking for something that descends from powerhouse lineages. GMO Cookies is a heavy-hitting indica-dominant hybrid strain that was originally bred by Divine Genetics. It’s a combination of Chemdog and Girl Scout cookies, both of which are known for lending their ancestry to some of the best cannabis strains in Colorado. It smells more like gasoline than garlic, but you might also find notes of fruity, lightly roasted coffee. It’s one of those awesome indica strains that can put people at ease without putting them to sleep. It’s still normally best as a nighttime strain, but it will give you time to unwind and enjoy life before bed. Sour Dubble, often shortened to Sour Dubb, has more mysterious origins than Garlic Cookies. Our best guess is that Sour Dubble is some combination of Sour Bubble and Sour Diesel, but we’re not completely sure.

Either way, we’re grateful for this sweet and sour flower and the effects it provides. It’s a somewhat balanced hybrid, and people often report feeling a good combination of cerebral and physical effects.


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