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Buy sauce pen online. Sauce pen Cannabis extracts are often named for their appearance, texture, color, and malleability. This is why you’ll see extracts with names like shatter, badder, sugar, and oil. Sauce is no different. This extract’s unique combination of crystals plus terp sauce gives it a viscous consistency similar to marmalade. Beyond consistency, sauce is recognized for its isolated cannabinoids and high terpene content. Because the terpenes and cannabinoids have been separated from one another, they may not be evenly distributed throughout the final product. As a result, two different dabs from the same sauce may deliver two very different terpene and cannabinoid levels and thus two different experiences. Buy sauce pen online

Buy sauce pen online. Made by the extraction process is roughly the same as that for making other solvent-based extracts. Like other concentrates, solvents used for making sauce include butane, propane, ethanol, and supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2).Sauce can be made using either cured or fresh frozen flower, harvested from any marijuana strains. If sauce is made from cured flower, it will generally have fewer terps. And if sauce is made from fresh flower that’s been frozen, it is technically a type of “live resin” and will generally have a stronger flavor profile

Buy sauce pen online. The central goal of making sauce is to allow the major cannabinoids, especially THC, to crystallize and separate from the terpenes. This makes sauce quite different from other extracts. While extracts like shatter, budder, or wax aim to keep cannabinoids and terps fully integrated and uniform in color, texture, and potency, sauce exhibits varying levels of uniformity while still fulfilling its intended purpose — high potency and flavor.

Buy sauce pen online. The solvent removal process takes much longer with sauce than with other extracts. While making shatter typically involves purging most of the solvent in a closed-loop system and immediately placing the extract into a vacuum oven for 24 to 72 hours to remove all residual solvents, the process for making sauce can take anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks to complete. That’s because rather than purging out all solvent at once, sauce producers purposefully leave solvent in the mixture for a longer time, to allow THCA or CBDA compounds to crystallize.

Selectively concentrating the finest fractions from strain-specific cannabis, FLO has created the first vaporizer cartridge that accurately represents the flower experience. Using the finest cannabis grown in Colorado along with advanced fractionation capabilities FLO has decreased post extraction processing ensuring strain specific terpene bouquets and the full spectrum of cannabinoids are preserved in the Sauce Vape Pen.


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