Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies


The entire bottle contains 70 gummies with a total of 1050mg CBD.

Hemp Bombs® 8-count CBD Gummies feature 15mg of premium CBD to encourage calmness. Enjoy daily wellness in tasty flavors like strawberry, lime and

If you’re wondering what are Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies ” or “What’s the benefit of CBD Gummies?”, Hemp Bombs® is here to provide the answer and help you take advantage of CBD’s many health and wellness benefits. With our revamped CBD Edibles Gummies, you get MORE value through more potencies, more flavors and more options. Not only do these gummies taste great and earn rave reviews from many of our customers, but they’ve also earned numerous industry awards. Click here to learn more about our award-winning CBD Gummies done right. We’ve also created five variations of our popular CBD Gummy products to best meet your needs. Choose from our six varieties: original, high potency, sleep, immune support with elderberry, botanical blend and Boswellia joint support. If you’re new to CBD, you can try our original, high potency and sleep blends with our classic sample pack.


Hemp Bombs traditional gummies, containing 15mg of CBD, are a best-seller due to their calming effect. However, our 30mg High Potency CBD Gummies take comfort a step further with a more concentrated serving of CBD. Try our sleep gummies blend – enhanced with 5mg of melatonin – for a more restful slumber. If you want to really boost your daily wellness, try our Immunity CBD Gummies with 15mg of premium CBD and 50mg of elderberry extract. Need to take the stress out of everyday life? Try our Botanical CBD Infused Gummies that feature 15mg of CBD and specially selected botanicals. And our Boswellia CBD Gummies provide anti-inflammatory benefits to support your joints and overall comfort. No matter which variation you choose, you can be sure you’re receiving top-grade Cannabidiol extract in our hemp gummies that can help you feel great and relax now.

These chewy gummies combine an extra strength dose of pure CBD to help your mind and body relax. The entire bottle contains 70 gummies with a total of 1050mg CBD.

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies 1050mg CBD

Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies has proprietary rights to its CBD formula, meticulously crafting products for the consumer market. Experience the multitude of benefits of Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies today.

While some people love taking CBD Oil sublingually, vaping it with CBD E-Liquid or applying it topically, others swear by CBD Edibles. There’s no “right” way to use CBD, and each method has its own unique benefits. The benefits of CBD infused gummies are related to rest, relaxation and immune support due to the blend of soothing ingredients. So, whether you’re a busy parent, an employee dealing with work-related stress or a young learner in need of stress gummies for college students, CBD may be beneficial for you. Click here for more information: What do CBD Gummies do?


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