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With all that said and done, 1g is a safe starting point. There are a few options for administering a microdose. For one, the root bark can be chewed and ingested


Ibogaine Powder is the psychoactive alkaloid from the root bark of the African SACRED PLANT Tabernanthe Iboga. Ibogaine Powder is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. In recent years, the knowledge of the ability of Ibogaine has increasingly grown on how to break drug and alcohol addiction. Scientific studies also show that a single administration of Ibogaine can significantly reduce or even remove symptoms of withdrawal. Furthermore, reports and research shows that the desire for the preferred drug(s) are eliminated for either a long period, or permanently.

The psychoactive properties of Ibogaine induce a heightened spiritual experience. The patient experiences profound insight, giving them clarity into their lives, which motivates them to change on a psychological level and live a drug free lives.

Studies endorse that Ibogaine has considerable potential in the treatment of hard drug addiction for example heroin, methadone, cocaine, crack and alcohol.

There are also indications that it is useful in the treatment of tobacco addiction.
Ibogaine also offers opportunities as psychotherapy or spiritual teacher. In the field of psychotherapy, Ibogaine can be used as a treatment for the effects of trauma or conditioning.

The difference between Ibogaine Powder and Iboga root bark is that the root bark alkaloids, contain and include the Ibogaine Tabernanthe from the Iboga root. Ibogaine however merely contains scientifically recognized alkaloid with the known actions.

It isn’t easy to establish a set dose for microdosing iboga due to the fact that the substance is unregulated and differs in source and form. The concentration of ibogaine in root bark also varies, so it’s difficult to know exactly how much you’re getting. On top of that, people’s individual reactions to iboga can vary wildly—what may feel like nothing to one person could prove dangerous to another. Iboga provider and expert Chor Boogie even suggests completing an EKG/ECG, liver panel, and psychiatric have having it evaluated by a medical professional familiar with iboga before considering even a small dose of iboga. And iboga expert Elizabeth Bast says that both traditional and medical model providers do not recommend microdosing to anyone that isn’t highly experienced with the medicine.

With all that said and done, 1g is a safe starting point. There are a few options for administering a microdose. For one, the root bark can be chewed and ingested. But this method is not exact, prompting some people to make their own tinctures. A premade iboga TA (total alkaloid) tincture can also be found online. Concentrated at a 1:50 ratio, it is one of the most common ways people microdose with ibogaine, since one drop is an effective amount.

Depending on how ibogaine is extracted from the root bark, it comes in either a powdered TA form or a powdered HCl (hydrochloride). If using the concentrated TA powder, you can start your dose anywhere from 50-100mg. Then, depending on how it affects you, you can tinker with the dose from there. Ibogaine powder in HCl form is purer than the TA form, so try starting at around 25mg per microdose. The powder can be put into capsules, ingested orally, or diluted in liquids. By all accounts, the taste of ibogaine is very bitter and earthy.

A proper amount for a microdose varies from person to person, and depends on your product. Always start with a low amount that you feel comfortable with and work from there.


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