Today Medibles Inc. is an industry leader throughout the state of Colorado. Located in Colorado Springs and currently available in over 200 locations.This product is the staple for the medical marijuana community and beyond.


Medibles is a world class marijuana infused, food product company. Founded in 2008 for the patients, by a patient. Each product is handcrafted from the finest ingredients and delicately infused with the highest quality hash concentrate. Our sweet and savory product line was crafted with a passion to offer a safe alternative form of medicine that best suits your unique physiology. We take pride by providing easy to dose, consistent and compliant products that help improve your life. The value we bring is the relief you deserve.

Marijuana and the munchies go hand-in-hand. Why shouldn’t you combine snack time with getting high, then? Medibles by Mel combine the two for a long-lasting edible high in a lip-smacking gummy package.

Every stoner has a secret sweet tooth. Indulge yours with these ingenious edibles. Infused with THC, they’re the perfect way to enjoy a lazy day off, relax after work, or enjoy an outdoor adventure.

What are Medibles Effects?

Medibles by Mel derive their potency from THC. Edible THC is significantly different from smoked THC – it lasts longer and hits harder.

There’s no better THC delivery package than gummies. Gummies are tasty, juicy morsels with a burst of sweet refreshment in every bite. Medibles by Mel didn’t just want to make another weed gummy. They wanted munchies with merit. That’s why these gummy delights aren’t just packed with potent THC – they’re also sumptuous snacks in their own right.

Medibles by Mel are definitely delicious and attract attention. That’s why they come in child-proof bags to ensure the safety of the ones you love. There’s one major advantage of edibles over other types of THC. Gummies are low-key and super-portable. Pop it out of the pack, munch, and swallow for a discrete buzz!


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