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es I would recommend it and repurchase this strain. It had a good smooth smoke. It was a heavy hitter for sure especially since it was top shelf.


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This Strain Review is on Red Velvet Cake from Detroit Provision Co its also called Red Velvet Kush. They are located in Detroit. It was my first time going into this provisioning center. I chose the Red Velvet Strain because I have previously had the concentrate of the strain but never the flower. It’s a hybrid probably leaning more towards the Indica side

Red Velvet Pie by TKO Reserve is a colorful hybrid with balanced effects. This strain was created by crossing Cherry Pie and Burmese Thai, and it expresses deep green buds flecked with pink and purple foliage throughout. The flavors are creamy and chocolatey with spicy notes of cinnamon. Its aroma is a bit funkier with elements of fuel and cacao, filling the room with a bouquet of potent terpenes. Enjoy Red Velvet Pie to help relieve stress while donning a stimulating and euphoric glow.

Red Velvet Kush was an amazing looking. The buds were extremely frosty just covered in trichomes. It looked like a sleet of ice with all those THC crystals. The bud was completely purple with small orange hairs around. The bud had some light green, but the bud was mostly covered in purple. Wasn’t too sticky but it did leave residue on your fingers with a sweet smell. It had a little bounce back after squeezing the nug in your fingertips.

This strain was on the top shelf at Detroit provision Co. They had a deal and it was 2g for 25. It’s not bad as long as the taste and the effects are there for good quality medical cannabis. If your on a budget then It might not be worth it depending on how much you use Medical Marijuana.

Red Velvet is created by an unknown breeder. This is a cross between the mystical but flamboyant Orange Velvet and Redrum. Both parental strains were quite potent and the Orange Velvet Sativa inherited their potency. The THC ratio is between 15% and 18%. THC levels are fairly low, ranging from 0.07% to 0.45%.

I enjoyed Red Velvet Cake Strain. I thought it had great effects for being a Hybrid and a decent taste and a crazy frosty look. I was excited to try the flower because I am a connoisseur in tasting buds.
The look and color of the buds blew me away. The Strain was top shelf so you are expected to pay more for the strain which is always fine as long as the quality is there and stays strong with the medicinal effects.


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