Vegetal Vigra 120MG Capsule for Sale

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Take one capsule 30 minutes before sexual intercourse.


in tended for impotence, premature ejaculation, and anaphrodisia, one granule is effective in the body within 120 hours and can induce erection within 120hours.
Quality Guaranteed Period: 3 years.

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If you are bothered by the size of your penis, the softness of your erection, the short time of your sexual intercourse time, the absence of sexual urge, the atrophy of penis, early ejaculation, please choose the Herbal medicine! Herbal medicine is the best way to aggrandize your penis and enhance the penis health condition.


  1. Contraindicated for the minor and pregnant women.
  2. Do not take an overdose of this product.
  3. Take cool boiled water if users are in trouble of frequent erection or long-time erection during sexual intercourse after use

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The drug Viagra controls the erection of your penis when you are sexually aroused by maintaining the blood flow resulting in an erection to stay for a longer time.

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